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Business Insurance for small businesses

Business insurance, also referred to as commercial insurance, is a combination of insurance plans catering to a multitude of business needs. Based on the type of activity in the firm, any or multiple of the following different business insurance policies can be bought

Office and Shop Insurance

Policies for office or shop insure the premises of the company, the assets within and the goods in the process and storage. This is usually a fire and allied perils insurance which covers the loss due to fire and other natural events and other accidents.

Stock / Goods Insurance

A separate insurance policy can also be purchased to cover only goods in the store. These policies are designed to cover the loss of stock due to fire and allied perils. This is recommended for businesses based on storing goods.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers any legal liability arising out of the accidents in the operations of the company or the products. The following types of liability policies are available to the businesses:1-Product Liability
2-Public Liability policy 3-Workmen's Compensation

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