Health Insurance



Health Insurance

Widest choice of health insurance plans, sized to your requirements!

Family Health Optima Insurance Plan

Most popular insurance policy with your growing family, on floater basis

Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy

The optimum policy for seniors over 60 years of age with several advantages.

Rahini Comprehensive Insurance Policy

Complete healthcare protection for your entire family on floater basis.

Medi-classic Insurance Policy (Individual)

A favourite insurance plan with family package, health benefits and bonus options.

Rahini Health Gain Insurance Policy

Maximum benefits at affordable premiums, available for individuals and family.

Rahini Unique Health Insurance Policy

Two year, specialised policy for individuals with co-pay benefits.

Rahini Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy

A specialised healthcare policy for diabetic patients.

Rahini Micro Health Insurance

A unique policy bringing much required healthcare benefits to rural areas

Rahini Net plus

A one-of-a-kind health insurance policy meant for HIV positive patients.

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Health Insurance

Buying a Health Insurance Plan: Here's What You Should Know!

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Travel Insurance

there are various plans offered under travel insuranceYou have the option to choose